What to do after Graduation ? Higher Studies or Job ?

What to do after graduation ? Can we continue higher studies or Job ?

Every man have numerous option after completing graduation most of students think about to pursue higher studies or job. When we are in final year students reach a crucial crossroad where they have to take a decision as to whether they should continue with their studies or take up a job.

Graduation and masters is a base that we can utilize to achieve over dreams. While many students find a right way to fulfil their dreams by self effort or with some others guidance.

Most of the students like to join a short term course and like to join a software company, some of the companies would prefer some certified candidates in specific field.

If you are not liking your subject, job or stream of education and want a change – Don’t get frustrated.

Before you choose the best career after graduation, you need to know growth prospects, competition, availability of jobs, work requirements, etc. of that field.

For example usually students prefer this choice after completing graduations

  1. Job with startup company or MNC company, improve their skill set and move on to better companies/better job descriptions and so on.
    2. Along with job, preparing for CAT/GMAT and then MBA.
    3. Along with job, improve their skill set and preparing for GRE & TOEFL and then, M.S in a reputed institute in US.
    4. Decline job offer, prepare for GRE and TOEFL and then M.S(Jan 2013), hopefully in a reputed institute


According to Indian Higher Education statistics, there are nearly 35,500 affiliated colleges in India which enroll close to 20 million students every year.

  • 37% of graduates go to Arts
  • 19% for Science
  • 18% for Commerce
  • 16 % for Engineering and Technology

Out of the 20 million opting to study; 86% are graduate students, 12% postgraduate students, 1% research students — and these numbers are changing significantly as more and more students prefer to enhance their career with higher education and master’s degree.

Going for a job after graduation

Go get a job!But again, I would advice you the take a job in the area of your interest, and not follow the herd. It doesn’t matter if you are an engineering but want to be a sports writer. Join a sports startup! Also, I highly recommend working in a start-up for any young graduate. Your exposure to different facets of a business will be way much more than that in any other large organization.

Also, once you have worked for a couple of years, and genuinely feel the need of an MBA, then start your preparation side by side. There are some brilliant online MBA courses out there that will provide the right material, and guidance to help you with your MBA journey.