Startup vs MNC and Starting career in startup or MNC is better choice?

Starting career in startup or MNC is better choice?

There is no major difference between to start career in startup and MNC company the specific stream you choice, when you start career is important, plan it, own it and implement it. With a plan, if a startup comes along and you feel motivated to solve the problem statement – then, by all means, join a startup. However, if an MNC provides you a path to fulfill your ambitions – follow that path.

Don’t think about money keep on learning first when we started career whether it is start up or MNC Company, you need to take better choices. At the end experience matters – not for your resume – but later when you are ready and passionate about a problem statement – you can startup and solve that problem.

How about workload in MNC Company and Start Company

MNC Company: Workload is comparatively low as compared to Startup Company, reason for this in MNC Company you will assigned to work on specific module to work, but in startup expectation is more you need to work from scratch to final completion (Go live). Getting exposure is more you will learning new concept daily.

But the problem is to get project usually companies think about whether startup company can complete the project or not. Comparatively less salary.

Startup Company: In Startup Company one is loaded with lot of work and responsibility usually in startup company workload and pressure is comparatively high and there is no time to think about your personal. Everything has to be studied by them self-there is no trainer concept. But they can learn many things with a span of 1 or 2 years.

Hierarchy of decision

MNC: Decision are taken in multiple levels it may take long time. And decision takers are many people.

Startup: Decision can take immediately. Decision takers may be on or two people

Pay and Perks

MNC Company: Usually in MNC companies’ salary is pretty good, as per company standards and facilities like cabs and other allowances will be there.

Startup Company: In startup companies salary is comparatively low with MNC companies and facilities are not provided.

How about promotions in Startup Company and MNC Company?

MNC Company: In a MNC Company to get a higher position is difficult, competition in MNC Company is higher comparatively.

Startup Company: In a startup company to get a higher position is easy comparatively from MNC companies, there is less competition and decision is take by higher authority as soon as possible.

Stability and Security:

MNC’s Company: MNCs due to their ‘already established’ status can provide much more stable and secure job. The salary is fixed, and everything is done as stated in your job offer letter.

Startup Company: However, startups due to their ‘still trying to get there’ status are not able to give a secured job or salary for that matter. The profits and losses of the company in not fixed. Overtime and casual meetings are very common. You may even have to leave your job due to the failure of the startup. In short, startups cannot provide you stability. For people, who are looking for long-term stable jobs, MNCs are undoubtedly a better option. But for some recognition and individual identity, startups are the best.


With all these points, the conclusion is that, if you are an Entrepreneur and looking for some experience, startups are the best for you. Startups will give you experience not only in your field but everywhere. The transparency of the startups will make it easy and comfortable for you to work. If you are creative and want to be heard as an individual, you need to go for a startup. However, if you are looking for something more stable and secure, you should opt for an MNC. They provide you with a regular job, where you will be entitled to your project. Now, it’s up to you and your requirements. You need to choose whichever you seem is the best option for you.